Beta Alpha Chapter at University of Virginia

Kappa Delta

Our Officers

Katie Brown


Serving on council first as VP-M and now as President, Kappa Delta has truly given me the space to grow and create such a close relationship with the women who call this place home. Outside of KD, you can find me planning events with Class Council, moderating for Sustained Dialogue, singing my heart out with the No-Tones, and tutoring the best second graders in the world. My dream is to change the world through responsible and empathetic leadership. Hailing from a beach town, I grew up loving the outdoors, sunshine, and a good view of the ocean. I'm continously in pursuit of a good cup of coffee and never far from my next plate of sweet potato fries.

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  • Hometown: Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Major: Foreign Affairs and Spanish

Mariella Toro

Vice President- Membership

Outside of Kappa Delta, I get to spend a lot of time fufilling my passion for medicine (with hopes of becoming a surgeon one day) by doing research and volunteering in the cancer center! I believe that dessert, a good workout, salt water, and mountains are basically the cure to anything. KD has given me lifelong friends, confidence to pursue my dreams, and a place to call home on grounds, and I am so excited to give back and serve this chapter!

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  • Hometown: Vienna, Virginia
  • Major: Human Biology
  • Minor: Bioethics

Zoe Papelis

Vice President- Member Education

I'm a third year studying Modern Literature and Media Studies, and I hope to work in the media/film world when I graduate! Aside from KD, I'm a publicity intern at UVA Press, and I'm involved in Cavalier Daily, Sustained Dialogue, and Take Back the Night on grounds. I love to read, so you can almost always find me curled up with a good book somewhere in the KD house!

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  • Hometown: Norfolk, Virginia
  • Major: Modern Literature and Media Studies

Samantha Krasker

Vice President- Operations

My KD experience thus far has shown me the depth of sisterhood. My identical twin is also in Beta Alpha, and studying abroad with KDs made anywhere in the world feel like 136 Chancellor. I am looking forward to serving the chapter as VP-O. I am drawn to the opportunity to collect, analyze, and complete our Chapter Excellence goals to make effective changes to highlight our chapter strengths. Outside of KD, I intern at a non-profit inspiring education of free expression rights and am an active member of the UVA Forums academic program.

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  • Hometown: West Palm Beach, Florida
  • Major: English and Political Philosophy

Taylor Rice

Vice President- Community Service

Outside of the beautiful KD, I'm a biology major and French minor on the pre-med track. I also volunteer in hospice through Madison and enjoy every minute of my time involved in Chi Alpha, a Christian fellowship on grounds. I am very passionate about being outdoors, eating pizza, cuddling with my pup, and promoting KD's involvement with the Girl Scouts and Prevent Child Abuse America!

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  • Hometown: Chesterfield, Virginia
  • Major: Biology
  • Minor: French

Katie Statler

Vice President- Public Relations

Outside of Kappa Delta, I am the Chair of Virginia Homecomings, Salsa Club Publicity Director, an intern at IST Research, and a swim coach! I also am an owner of my own business, CupKate's Baking Camp, which has taught me so much about marketing and PR. I believe that sunshine, a good hug and a best friend can truly make everything better. I absolutely love Kappa Delta here at UVA because of the genuine, kind and unique friends that I have made, and I am so honored to be the VP-PR this year!

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  • Hometown: Spotsylvania, Virginia
  • Major: Marketing and Economics

Kerith Jones

Vice President- Standards

When going through rush, I was so encouraged by all the amazing women that I talked with each round but couldn't deny that KD was full of genuine confident women and I wanted to be a part of that. To add to that, authenticity is the most important thing to me. I love how in KD I can sit and talk with any of our sisters about topics that we genuinely care about because we are passionate involved women who care about people. The reason I wanted to serve as Standards plays into that as well in that I want to be there for my sisters, to be genuine in hard times and encourage them to stay true to KD values because I care so deeply for these women. And while I may be more quiet at times or goofy in others, at the end of the day, I love to listen and hear people out, a quality that I think is super important for this position and so I'm so super grateful to serve KD in this way!!!

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  • Hometown: Roanoke, Virginia
  • Major: Youth & Social Innovation

Aprie Senopoulos

Vice President- Finance

Outside of Kappa Delta you can find me on the sidelines of UVA sports as an athletic training student, on Snyder Courts with Virginia Club Tennis or in one of the many libraries. I typically plan my days around when my meals will be and when I can get my next cup of coffee. I look forward to serving Beta Alpha this year with the support of my VP-F manual and Microsoft Excel!

Andrea Henry


Hello lovebugs!! So, I am the one that sits up at the front during chapter with her Laptop taking attendance. Most likely I know your name, so say hi please!! I am a 3rd year heavily involved with arts educations, pre-med "stuff," and anything with kids!! (Camp Kesem, College Mentors for Kids, Orientation, Fralin Docents, Student Engagement Council for the Arts, Pre-Med Honor Society). I am usually seen running somewhere (probably because I am late) with coffee in some form or you find me at the KD house lounging around, even though I don't live there. KD has been one of the most surprising organization I have joined on Grounds because I really did not expect much. It was not a bad thing, but I really just did not know what to expect; but, I have been met with some of the most passionate women I have ever encountered here at this university. They are apart of the coolest CIOs, movements, societies, etc. you could ever imagine, just ask any one of our sisters about what they do here at UVa! It has been an honor to meet them and call them my friends. They make me so proud to call myself a KD and that is something I feel every day.

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  • Hometown: Chesapeake, Virginia
  • Major: Sociology and Art History

Michele Kalweit

Panhellenic Counselor

I love Kappa Delta because the girls are not only passionate in their personal realm of interests. KD ladies are constantly seeking new experiences and perspectives from others in order to be a more informed, caring and active person. I can't wait to be an ISC enthusiast from KD!!

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  • Hometown: Springfield, Virginia
  • Major: English and Sociology