Beta Alpha Chapter at University of Virginia

Kappa Delta

Our Officers

Samantha Krasker


Council has the profound opportunity to serve as a voice, advocate, and support network for the chapter, and it has truly been a pleasure to serve as VP-O and now President. I am often confused for my identical twin sister, who is also a KD at UVA. Our sorority experience has taught us a deeper meaning of sisterhood, for which I am eternally grateful. After college, I plan to pursue a career in law, advocating social responsibilities and rights.

Julia Conte

Vice President- Membership

Being a member of KD at UVA has greatly enhanced my college experience. The women in this chapter constantly inspire and motivate me through their compassion, spirit, and intelligence. I am excited to serve as the VP-M of the Beta Alpha chapter, so that I can help to continue incorporating strong pledge classes that represent our values of diversity, passion, and confidence. Outside of KD, I spend most of my time working on sustainable initiatives around Grounds, specifically through my involvements in Green Grounds, the Student Council Sustainability Committee, and my job as co-chair for UVA's Sustainable IT Working Group. I am also involved in the University Programs Council's Cultural Connections committee and the Springfest Community Engagement Committee. In my spare time, you can usually find me procrastinating on Clem 2, running (slowly) around Cville, or binging Netflix with my roommates.

Riley Okeson

Vice President- Member Education

During my past few year in Kappa Delta, I have truly formed friendship that will last me a lifetime. KD has given me a space to grow and learn in way I never thought possible. I am a third year student studying Chemistry and English with aspirations of attending medical school one day. Outside of KD, I enjoy working for the UVA Outdoor Adventure Center, serving as a research assistant, and volunteering with Alternative Spring Break, among other things. Whenever I have spare time, you can catch me outside on an adventure in a National Park, going for a leisurely run, taking a scenic bike, or simply enjoying nature in the company of friends. KD has given so much to me, so I am honored and excited to give back and serve this chapter!

Victoria Estacio

Vice President- Operations

My favorite part of Kappa Delta is how it redefines the definition of sisterhood to mean a home, a family, and a place of belonging. I am beyond excited to serve as VP-Operations this year and be an active role in shaping our organization. Outside of KD, I love working to empower women in business through Virginia Case Club, running through the streets of Charlottesville, and studying in coffee shops for hours on end. I am passionate about expanding my world view and plan on studying abroad during my time at UVA. Originally from New York, I love the energy of big cities but have come to appreciate the peacefulness that is a small college town like Charlottesville. Some fun facts about me: I grew up in Brazil for 4 years and speak Spanish and Portuguese. I am always up for a cup of coffee and catching up!

Caroline Kirk

Vice President- Community Service

I am absolutely energized to be serving Beta Alpha as Vice President of Community Service. Kappa Delta has become the place where I call home in Charlottesville and have found my dearest friends at UVA. I am passionate about serving our various philanthropies and strive to embody our mission of instilling confidence by living boldly, compassionately, and with purpose. Outside of KD, I spend time planning the Second Year Dinner "Living a Better Story" series, pursuing the something greater with my Younglife Small Group, tearing it up with the Virginia No-Tones, and reading as many books as possible. I miss my larger-than-life Florida family, but relish every moment I get at this University. I strive to serve others and spread smiles in small ways. Catch me feeling "#blessed" and trying to find the joy in each and every moment!

Kat McPherson

Vice President- Public Relations

Kappa Delta is a diverse group of women who are unique in their pursuits, vivacious in their passions, and empowering within all of their friendships. While serving as Vice President of Public Relations, I am given the privilege to share this extraordinary chapter with the community that surrounds us, and I am beyond excited to fulfill this role! Outside of KD, you can find me doing hair and makeup for First Year Players and Shakespeare on the Lawn theater clubs, editing for the Cavalier Daily, performing with Voyeuristic Intention (our Rocky Horror Picture Show club) and mentoring children through the Early Visions program at the Fralin Art Museum. I spend my downtime exploring Charlottesville with my friends (and thrift shopping far too often), unwinding with some yoga, playing bridge in a coffee shop on any sunny Saturday afternoon, or cuddling with a crossword and my kitten Juni.

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  • Hometown: Huntington, NY
  • Major: English and Global Sustainability + Environments

Annabelle Swift

Vice President- Standards

As VP-Standards, I aim above all to be approachable and honorable. I have so much respect for the women I have met through Kappa Delta and for all that this organization gives us. I believe in ambitious career goals and my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving! I've lived in different places, which has made me love debating ideas and hearing different perspectives. I am always ready for a deep conversation! I have great respect for my family, who taught me that a room with 10 people can have 10 leaders in it. The women around me on council are those leaders. Feel free to reach out to any one of us.

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  • Hometown: Denver, CO
  • Major: Something Politically-Included
  • Minor: History

Anna Brokaw

Vice President- Finance

KD has given me the strong, loving, caring group of women I was looking for and I am so glad I have the opportunity to work with them and for them as VPF now. Besides being on KD’s council, I am President of PCJ (a tutoring and mentoring group for Charlottesville Elementary After-School Programs), on exec for Pancakes for Parkinson’s, and a chemistry TA and tutor. I plan on pursuing a career in medicine after taking a year to either work in the biochem field or work/volunteer in vulnerable communities within or outside of the US. I have a passion for Haiti and plan on living there for a few years after getting my MD. I grew up with two older brothers who push me to figure out then do what I want and come up with a realistic plan for my goals. I love a good latte and have never been able to say no to getting food with friends.

Grace Tabor


This is my first time taking on a leadership position in Kappa Delta and, so far, it's given me a phenomenal opportunity to work with a strong and effective group of women to better this chapter we call home. Other than KD, on grounds I am involved with the University Guide Service, Madison House, and the University Programs Council. At any given time you can find me working at the Rotunda information desk, "working" in Gov Docs, or playing piano in an Old Cabell practice room. I come from a big out-of-state Wahoo family, so I'm always heading to sports games and maintain a healthy dose of school spirit. I have loved UVA deeply for the people and ideas she has introduced to me and I can't wait for two more years here.

Sareena Chadha

Panhellenic Counselor

Super excited to be the ISC Representative for Kappa Delta this year! Joining KD was absolutely one of the best decisions I made during my first year, and I am honored to be able to represent our chapter externally. Besides KD, I am involved in the Cavalier Marching Band (I play baritone!), Arts Grounds Tour Guides, research in the Curry School of Education, UVA Student Ambassadors, and volunteer work with Madison House. I am also an intern with Code Ana, a nonprofit organization that works with schools to assist them in preparation to respond to medical emergencies (important to me since I'm allergic to many things, including chicken). I love being invested and engaged fully in everything I pursue, whether academic or not. If you are ever looking for me you can find me in with a latte at Grit Coffee, napping on the big sofa in KD, or grabbing brunch with my family.

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  • Hometown: Sterling, VA
  • Major: Cognitive Science and Psychology